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"Eating disorders cause so much pain, and this pain is incredibly misunderstood by others and the world. It is important that when I am treating someone with an ED that they feel understood and listened to about how their ED is uniquely affecting them. That their experience is not judged or discounted. Having an eating disorder can lead to a lot of feelings of loneliness, and my hope for my clients is that they will feel someone is journeying alongside them. "

--Lindsay Miedema, CCP Therapist




12 Week Symptom Interruption Program.We have called this program “Foundations” because we strongly feel that clients need and deserve support to build a stronger foundation to heal from an Eating Disorder properly.  This program is designed to help individuals who have active symptoms as a result of their Eating disorders which are interrupting their lives

This program is for families who are looking for more support with the complex assignment of treating an Eating Disorder.  This program is for families who need support with; re-feeding, meal planning, meal support, addressing and understanding the eating disorder and managing the stress of meal times.

This program is designed to help individuals who may need to address some symptoms as a result of their Eating Disorder or disordered eating behaviours that are interrupting their lives. Or to help individuals who require support to maintain health promoting behaviors after treatment.

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