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Registered Psychotherapist/ Masters Level Social Worker 

(October 2022)

We are looking for an experienced committed Therapist (Registered Psychotherapist or Social Worker) to join our team. We are an intimate team with passion to create a collaborative practice that provides support and treatment to our community. We are not just a space to work out of, we take time to work together, stay connected, supported and engaged to help maintain our capacity to do this important work.  


We are a team of Occupational therapists, Social Workers, Psychotherapists, Nutritionists, Yoga Instructors and Dietitians. We support individuals who are working through a variety of life stages and challenges. Some of our areas of expertise include but are not limited to the treatment of; Trauma, Anxiety Disorders, Depression and symptoms of Depression. We are well known for our specialized treatment of Eating Disorders, supporting both individuals and their families.


 Many of the individuals who use our services are just like you and me, humans trying to make space for their mental and emotional health. 


2 - 5 years experience .Ability to work in a team environment. In person and Virtual work available.

Experience with Eating Disorders is an asset.

If this sounds like a fit, please reach out. We are looking for one more member to join our team who can take on a full case load. 


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