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Our Space

Our office is located in Downtown Hamilton on 97 James Street North. Surrounded by boutique shops, amazing restaurants, beautiful old buildings and plenty of parking.  When Carly first looked at the space, she couldn't pass up the huge windows and the potential she saw to create a space people could feel comfortable and while getting the support they need.  


We take great pride in offering a welcoming, private and comfortable space.

We believe that the therapy space should feel calm, quiet and safe.

We have designed our offices to feel as much like the home we all would like to have. 

CCP April 2023-6772.jpg
CCP April 2023-6633.jpg
CCP April 2023-6668.jpg
CCP April 2023-6697.jpg


We know taking the step into a clinical space can be tough. Our goals is for you to walk into our space and exhale and feel lighter when you leave.  We want you to feel comfortable, at ease and safe. We have designed our offices with this in mind. Size inclusive seating, private and quiet rooms and coffee if you so desire. For Carly, this is her home away from home and we want you to feel the same way. 

CCP April 2023-6872.jpg
CCP April 2023-6722.jpg
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our environment.

Often times we are unaware of how much our environment impacts our mental health. It's not until we remove ourselves from the spaces that keep us sick, do we realize how it feels to be calm in our surroundings.Getting out and coming to therapy should be the excuse you need to get that change of scenery. 

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the process.

The process of therapy goes far beyond the 60 minute session you have with your therapist. What you do before and after your session has a significant impact on how much you get from your sessions. We have people who come to us from all over. Whether they are driving in from downtown Toronto or making the trip from Windsor or Niagara, the drive to and from is often space that is needed to process and shift back into the stressors of life. 

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in-person and online.

We offer sessions both in-person and online. Our secure video platform is a convenient way to log on and connect with your therapist. Online sessions provide ease of access and allow many of our clients to maintain their work through various life changes (moving, job changes etc). Many individuals take advantage of online when they are not feeling well, or when they have kids they need to keep an ear out for. Either way, our space provides a comfortable environment to heal. 

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new office .jpeg


Our space is designed to support both our clients and our team to be able to manage both home and work life. We have a various rooms to offer some flexibility and creativity to our work. We have been known to make space for kiddos who have accompanied their parents getting the support they need, share a meal with a client at our kitchen table or do some art in our yoga space. 

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we can't wait to see you. 

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