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Our Policies and Procedures

Cancellation Policy: 

We understand there are circumstances that require you to miss or cancel your appointments here @CCP.  We require 48 hours notice or more for any appointment cancellations. Any cancellations made without proper notice will be subject to the full appointment fee.  


When an appointment is cancelled without enough notice it impacts 3 people (at minimum)

1.The person cancelling the appointment, who may not be able to re-schedule.  

2.Your therapist who was planning to see you.

3.The person who could have potentially been booked in your spot 


Many of us who work @CCP have specific hours in which we see clients. Those spots are reserved for you and only you. Taking on a client and filling that spot requires more than simply calling the next person. Due to the sensitive nature of this work and the time required to prepare for services, our cancellation policy is enforced.


Payment Policy: 

At CCP we have therapists and clinicians working both in-person and online providing services. It has always been important for us to maintain a friendly and safe environment. To help maintain this, we don't have you check out and  pay for your session as you're leaving or as you arrive. This work is not always easy and having to stand and process payments is not always a comfortable experience. 


That being said, it's expected that you pay for your appointment at the time of service. You will have already arranged the preferred method of payment with your therapist and the understanding is that you will pay for your appointment on the day and time of your scheduled appointment. 


This allows you and your therapist to maintain the integrity of your relationship and keep the focus on your work.  

Covid-19 and Illness Policy: 

We ask that you do NOT attend In-person if :

  • You are experiencing any symptoms of illness (cough, fever, aches, fatigue, stomach upset , sore throat, pink eye, shortness of breath)

  • You have been caring for someone with COVID-19 or any other infectious illness. 

  • You have tested positive for COVID-19 and don't have any symptoms.  

Please opt for virtual sessions if any of the above applies.


Office Guidelines: 

  • We will follow a physical distancing protocol in the office

  • We ask that everyone wash their hands upon arrival to the office. (We will provide hand sanitizer)

  • Please respect your individual therapists comfort level with masking. Each clinician will let you know or show you what they feel most comfortable with.  

Boundaries and Communication:

We may not always be able to answer every email or client inquiry within 24 hours. Each therapist has their own office hours and will attempt to respond to your email request within 48-72 business hours. Please remember that email is not a substitute for therapy and any clinical inquiries should be handled in session. 



We appreciate your consideration of all of the above and welcome any questions you may've.