Riti Dass

Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist

Riti started with us May of 2021. They have been incredibly helpful in teaching us and supporting our community. Riti brings creativity and a wealth of knowledge and experience to their work with each and every client. 

Riti enjoys incorporating art and other creative modalities into their work and our clients have really enjoyed their time with them. 

Riti is not taking on clients at this time. 


About Riti 

I have been working in the field since 2010, and have had over six years of experience working with a diverse population in the context of clinical practice; including youth, women, racialized individuals, 2SLGBTQ+, and people with (dis)Abilities. I initially obtained my post secondary education in bachelor of arts in Psychology (2012) from York University, additionally completing bachelor of Social Work (2015) at Dalhousie University and masters (2018) in Social Work from Ryerson University.   My areas of focus have included intimate partner violence, trauma, grief and loss, body image, disordered eating, gender dysphoria, and/or other mental health concerns. 


I work from a collaborative and eclectic model that takes a position of counselling as an art and philosophical form rooted in anti-oppression. Counselling is an excavation, a deconstruction, and reconstruction of your own self; a process of ultimately returning to yourself. My role in this process is marked by accompaniment of walking along side of you- in order to bear witness to your pain- and provide you with scaffolding to facilitate your healing and management of mental health. While I have an expertise in narrative, CBT, DBT, solution-focused, and trauma-informed therapeutic modalities, I will collaborate with you to adapt an intervention that works best for you.  


As a first-generation racialized immigrant, I value making meaning of and working with the intersection of culture, racialization, gender, and mental health rooted in anti-oppressive and anti-racist approach to counselling. 

I have had my share of struggles with depression and anxiety, and I found solace in everyday management of mental health and healing through engagement in arts and cultural practices. I love to express and engage in my wellness through water colour, embroidery, art journaling, paper making, book binding, lippan art, origami, Bollywood dancing, Kathak, gardening, and cooking traditional Indian dishes. I want to also learn from you as to how you exist in your world and harness activities that will sustain you. 

I also speak Gujarati and Hindi, and can provide counselling in those languages. 

What made you want come and work with CCP?

Here at CCP we centre on providing client-centred and compassionate approach to your mental wellness. As a clinician, it is important for me to work with others who are like-minded and have specialized knowledge that best supports the clients; CCP is that place for me.

What do you think are the biggest barriers to getting help?

I acknowledge that it can be difficult in reaching out for support when you have been carrying your pain and suffering alone in your journey. Moreover, it can be challenging to put language to your experiences, let alone explaining the issues you are struggling with others. I will work with you to create a safer space for you to dwell into your self and your life experiences.

Most surprising thing about you?

As Bell Hooks puts it “I came to theory because I was hurting.... Wanting to comprehend—to grasp what was happening around and within me.” My lived experiences have led me to education in psychology and social work to pursue social justice both within and outside of counselling context.


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"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing." - Arundhati Roy