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"Learning to be present with yourself and to abide in that which is steady and comfortable does not allow space for self judgement. When you live this way, you are practicing yoga; you are living fully"

Judith Lasater


Kate is one of the founding members of CCP. Kate brought her yoga program to us in September of 2020. She has worked with our clients both in person, virtually through in our space and one on one. 

Adding yoga to our programming here at CCP was incredibly important as it adds an integral part of the healing process. 

Kate shares the teachings of yoga to help bring people back home to themselves. It has been quoted, that "Yoga is not a work out, it is a work in". This resonates deeply for Kate as she treats her practice with a deep appreciation for the balancing effects to the mind, body and soul.


As an active student of yoga since 2000, Kate pursued her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga under Barb Leese through Yogashala in Waterdown, ON in 2021 with no intention of instructing. However, throughout her training, it became obvious that sharing these teachings was part of her dharmic path. Continuing her studies since completing her designation, Kate has obtained certifications in Fascial Yin Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation and has completed workshops for Trauma Informed Yoga, Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers and continues to embrace her journey as the lifelong student in all practices of yoga. At CPP, her offerings are accessible for all ages and experience levels and have included styles of Gentle Yoga, Hatha Flow and Yin and Restorative Yoga. You do not need to be flexible to join one of these classes, as long as you are breathing, you can do 'your yoga'.

At CCP Carly has decided to make yoga free once a month for our clients. We realize that as a private clinic fee for our services can sometimes be a barrier. Offering yoga free to our clients and groups at lower costs is one way that we can make things more accessible. 

We believe in the healing power of connection, breathing and physical grounding. We are thrilled to invite you to join us in this practice and look forward to seeing you there.

Please check our programming page for details. 

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