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CCP; is a private mental health clinic founded by Carly Crawford located in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. CCP, Carly Crawford Psychotherapy: Collaborative Clinical Practice: provides psychotherapy and counselling both through in person sessions and online. Our goal is to fill the gap in services to meet the essential need for better mental health care in our community and beyond. 


​Our team of practitioners are from various backgrounds, experiences and approaches. We work together to provide an environment for our clients that is based on safety, acceptance and respect.  We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients and being a consistent space for healing and growth.


We see individuals who are navigating a  mental illness diagnosis along with individuals who are looking to improve and maintain their quality of life.


​​Learn more about Carly and our the story behind our long name here. . 

Voted best Psychology clinic in Hamilton in 2023 by community votes Hamilton. 


Our Collaborative Clinical Practice is made up of professionals who are committed to providing essential mental health services to our community.


We believe in the importance of collaboration. Joining our practice means you're entering into a practice where individuals work together for a common purpose. Collaboration enables us to not only achieve a defined goal of providing care that meets the multifaceted needs of our clients, It also means we value supporting each other in doing so. 


The care we provide is  based on actual observation and treatment of our clients.  Clinical psychology is the psychological specialty that provides continuing and comprehensive mental and behavioural health care for individuals, couples, families, and groups; consultation; training, education and supervision; and research-based practice. 


As a group, our practice consists of clinicians who are providing care in the same facility. We all have  different specialties, which enables us the opportunity to collaborate and consult with others and refer clients when needed. Our practice grows based on the needs of our clients and not the other way around. 




We are a trauma informed practice. We believe in the importance of providing a space that is safe, comforting and consistent. The work we do is client centred. We ensure our clients have a firm understanding of what it means to engage in this work by being clear about consent continuously throughout our work. 

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Acceptance involves acknowledging and embracing the full range of our thoughts and emotions rather than trying to avoid, deny, or alter them. Acceptance is an essential part of our services it means we are meeting you where you are.  

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“To be treated with regard, concern, to protect an individual’s privacy; to be sensitive to cultural differences; to allow an individual to make choices”  We cannot offer a safe environment for our clients without respect. Without respect you cannot feel safe, without safety you cannot work on vulnerability.


This is us.

Our team of clinicians who as a team has a combined 30 years of experience. Here to support you with care that meets you where you are. 

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