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My name is Carly Crawford and I created CCP because I am passionate about helping individuals feel better in their lives. 


When it comes time to seek help and support for life’s many challenges, there are often several barriers in our way. Shame, guilt, confusion, time, and money can all stand in the way of getting the help you need. Our goal is to try and make Psychotherapy available to anyone who feels they are in need and ready to do the work to heal their mind and find their voice.

CCP, originally Carly Crawford Psychotherapy as a sole practitioner, now has a dual meaning. As of 2020 we are now a Collaborative Clinical Practice. Formally Find Your Voice Counselling the FYVC will always be part of our foundation (as it stays in our emails and website). 


We now sit a team of 10 professionals from various professional backgrounds, experiences and approaches. Our team of practitioners all work together to provide an environment for our clients that is  judgement free, accessible and open. We pride ourselves on SAFETY, ACCEPTANCE & RESPECT.


 As one of the few practices providing in-person care we pride ourselves on providing a safe, calming and professional environment. 

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About Carly

Owner/Registered Psychotherapist 

Carly is dedicated to helping individuals develop a strong a sense of self and a powerful voice. She provides a safe, non-judgmental, and therapeutic space where you can begin to heal. Carly will help you to recognize and work through negative thoughts and behaviours that are preventing you from living the life you want to lead and the life you are deserving of. Carly has been working as a clinician since 2009 and has treated individuals with anxiety, depression, OCD, and PTSD.


Carly has extensive experience in the treatment of Eating Disorders and supporting families touched by this illness.  Carly seeks to disempower mental illness by continuing to help individuals increase their self-esteem and confidence, self-worth, body image, and ultimately giving them a voice. 


Carly is adamant about providing care that is based on humility, equity and empowerment. Carly has decided to disclose her personal history with Mental Illness and feels that having a personal experience with an Eating Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety gives her the added insight to the battles her clients face. 


The story

Why I'm Here 

There are many reasons why I decided that I wanted to go into Private Practice. Going through the mental health system and subsequently working in a not-for-profit environment helped me to narrow my interests and pursue more training. My work as the Executive Director of Danielle’s Place Eating Disorder Support and Resource Centre helped me to see the need that individuals had to feel supported, heard, and helped. 

I have sat on various boards and worked in Mental Health Advocacy since 2009. I have seen first hand the need for people to receive timely and appropriate care. Although I work in the private sector of health care, my heart lies in helping every individual who needs it. Given this,  I pride myself on offering psychotherapy and support that fills the gap in services and goes above and beyond so that everyone feels heard, supported and hopeful.  


We offer something very unique at CCP as a collaborative. By coming in to see one of our practitioners you are also becoming part of our collaborative approach. You and your clinician have access to a wealth of information as we are continuously learning and consulting with each other to ensure we are giving the best care possible. 

As a clinic we opened at the start of the pandemic in 2020. We saw  first hand how the mental health services around us fell apart and how the demand for care increased yet again. We continue to collaborate as a team to support each other and our community through building programming and having a team committed to safe, respectful and evidenced based care. 


I am passionate about helping people see how essential this part of health care is and I will forever be the voice for those that fall under the radar. Learn more about us by watching the video below.


"Carly's dedication to her patients is immeasurable, and in my opinion, only with that strong devotion and support can one conquer this horrendous disease."


97 James Street North,  Unit 2A &B



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