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Kate Ray 

Yoga instructor 

Kate is one of our orginal CCP team members. She brought yoga to us when we opened in October 2020. Kate has brought such an important piece of work to our clients here at CCP.


Kate's story of how yoga has helped her along with her dedication to everything yoga brings, made Kate the perfect fit to bring her practice to our space. 

Kate offers private one on one yoga to our clients. Learn more here 


about Kate 

Kate has been practicing yoga since 2000, however would roll our her mat as a way to stretch following a  workout, not yet aware of the deeper benefits of this practice. Years later, this ancient practice became so much more for her, in working through issues around anxiety, the grief of losing her Father, and managing a lifelong battle with digestive issues with no medical answers or diagnosis - the healing benefits of yoga were undeniable. Following a yoga retreat in Kingston, Ontario with her husband -- an awakening occurred, and the desire to learn more, practice more, and share the unending benefits of this practice with others ignited. She found a sense of 'coming home' though the Yogashala studio in Waterdown, and under the instruction of Barb Leese she completed the 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training program. Kate has also completed her 40 hour certification in fascial yin yoga. Kates classes offer a balance of Sthira and Sukha (steadiness and ease) and aim to help the student come back home, to themselves.

connect with Kate 


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