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Sasha Pivarnyik

Registered Social Worker/ Psychotherapist

Sasha came to us in January 2022. At CCP we see many individuals who experience trauma and are looking for an experienced and safe therapist to help them navigate the impact of trauma in their lives. Sasha came to us just at the right time and we are so grateful. 

Sasha brings warmth and skill to her work and enjoys the team atmosphere here at CCP. Sasha has made an incredible impact on our clients and team already and we are grateful to have her as part of our team. 

Sasha is with us in-person on Mondays and Thursdays and works virtually the rest of the week. Sasha currently is accepting clients for her wait list. 


About Sasha 

I offer counselling to those dealing with anxiety, depression, past trauma, relationship difficulties, and grief. Using therapeutic interventions, I support clients so that they can understand their thoughts and feelings in new and more helpful ways, a process that can help lead to healing. At times therapy can be tense and anxiety-provoking; to mitigate this, I strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for reflection and productive interaction during both in-person and online sessions.

Though I primarily work from a cognitive stance, I also incorporate elements of narrative and acceptance therapy as therapeutic frameworks. Valuing the knowledge and insights of people experiencing trauma, I approach all clients from a strength-based point of view and strive to function as a collaborator and facilitator that works closely with clients to identify their strengths and achieve positive outcomes.

I have a master’s degree in social work with over 15 years of experience providing counselling and relative services across a variety of settings. I have specialized experience working with people who have suffered childhood abuse and neglect, sexual abuse and domestic violence. I engage in professional development and am interested in the most recent and relevant research in the field.



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“Everything you can imagine is real.” - Pablo Picasso


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